How to correctly solve the “Tarot path” – an example of interpretation

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The alignment “Tarot path” is distinguished by practicality and will help you to find out if it needs to make efforts in a particular area, it opens up opportunities for vision, how it is more correct to act, and what should be changed in its situation.

At the same time, in the fortune of the “path of tarot”, you can consider almost any of the activities of a person: the business, the scope of relations, work, training, and so on. In this material, we will describe in detail the features of the execution of this card scenario.

For what questions will suit this fortune telling

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You can use the fortune of the “Tarot path” in cases where a council or a tip is needed, as the most correctly acting in the circumstances.

At the same time, you can ask such questions:

  • “How to act as correctly to act in the circumstances?”
  • “What should be the tactics of my behavior to achieve some kind of purpose?”
  • “What actions should I do to solve the specified problem?”

It is important to formulate your question as correct as possible regarding the specific situation. After all, only then with the help of cards you can understand the strategy of your future behavior.

With this remarkable scenario, you can simultaneously get information on three levels: mental (level of mind, consciousness), astral (spiritual and emotional) and physical (body, behavior strategy in society). Due to this, it becomes possible to correctly analyze the situation in all three plans of being.

Using the Card fortune telling “Tarot path”, you will receive information from cards about the capabilities that will help to achieve some goal, how goodly (or unsuccessful) is your previous behavior line and how to act further to achieve the goals and Corrections of past errors.

The alignment is very simple, but the process of interpretation of the dropped cards is more problematic. But all of all we will tell consistently.

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Rules for the implementation of the scenario and interpretation of Arkanov

For this divination, you should stock the seven Arcans, each of which has its meaning:

  • The first – will reveal the deep meaning, melting in your question, and will help protect yourself from different dangers;
  • Three Arcana in the left pile of cards – will tell about the actions and decisions that the real state of affairs provoked;
  • Three Arkanam in the right stall you can get a recommendation on your further behavior, learn how to protect yourself from making old mistakes.
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It is necessary to take a deep breath, exhale, calm down and in thoughts set a deck of cards question. The cards are laid out on the table face down. They must be neatly mixed, and then remove the seven any cards from the deck at random and turn them over.

Interpretation of cards in the “Path”

  • The first card is a signifier, it will give an answer to the question whether it is necessary to seek to seek to achieve success to an exciting issue. In the case when the Arcan has a negative value, it is worth abandoning its attempts. Although, of course, it does not mean at all that you are in principle you will not be able to get what you want, just, most likely, it has not yet come for this.
  • On the left vertical line of divination, which is formed by the positions 2, 3 and 4 cards, you will learn about the present attitude to the question and how they are now perceived by the surrounding people.
  • And on the right vertical line, formed 7, 6 and 5 cards, the asking will understand how he should perceive his question and how to take it to perceive other people in the event that he can change himself, listening to the recommendations of the scenario.

These two lines are parallel to each other. Performing the interpretation of the defold “Path” you need to compare the arcanes that are opposite.

  • Based on the second card, you will learn about the current conscious attitude of you guessing your problem, his thoughts on this matter. The second card is compared with the seventh and tells how a person should treat his problem to achieve success.
  • On a third map, you can learn about the current feelings of the inclusive of its problem, as well as its emotional perception of what is happening. 3 Arkan is compared from 6, which, in turn, will lead about the feelings that should experience a question in relation to the question to successfully solve it.
  • 4 and 5 arcanes remain, which are revealed by the features of the current perception of the surrounding people of the gadgetting and what kind of it will have in their eyes in the event of a change in its attitude and actions, if he will listen to the recommendations of the scenario and will begin to relate to life differently and act otherwise .
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First, always begin to interpret the main first card. It has already been mentioned above that it will tell about further prospects, and will also lead about whether your enterprise will be successful. When this card falls in a not very good position, most likely, this means that the goal is impossible to achieve at all or at least now. Then you need to delay the procedure for divination to the best.

Loss of successful 1 card talks about easy reach of your goal or can tell about the changes that will be required of you. At the same time, in the process of the interpretation, special attention should be paid to the value of the sixth Arcana, which will tell about the specific actions that a person will need to do.

Example Sign Tarot Path

It should be noted that, although only 7 cards are used in this fortune, it is not easy, because it should use both groups of Arkanov (senior together with the younger).

Now we are on a specific example of a military person who is in the service of their homeland, consider the implementation of the described defold. It is likely that you can know such people among our friends, and it is possible that you are related to the military business. The only nuance that needs to pay special attention in this case – the alignment is suitable exclusively for the personnel military, as the ordinary and sergeant composition, if they quickly leave the army, do not have the psychology of military people.

Suppose you follow the way “path” on Tarot cards, and such maps have fallen out in such positions:

  • on 1 position – 9 swords;
  • on the 2nd devil;
  • on 3 – currency coins;
  • on 4 – king of wands;
  • on 5 – justice;
  • By 6 – 4 swords;
  • And on the last, 7 – 8 cups.
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Now consider the value of each of these cards in this particular example:

  • 9 Swords – gives the recommendation “not to show activity”, and therefore, not to express everything that those who have a greater number of stars on the chains. Refuse any collective shares, as they will cause the repression of repression, which, however, will be unsuccessful. An even danger in this case is that you charge your soul mate with your nervousness, which will lead to different family troubles. Therefore, now just calm down and configure the best future.
  • The devil – this Arcan in 2 positions will tell you that you have previously pursued a certain idea-fix, and now I encountered a complete failure. The devil advises to revise his position again.
  • Cottle coins – criticizes your passive behavior in the past when you could make changes to the situation. And now the time of pauses and delays, you need to wait.
  • The king of the wands – characterizes a wonderful person, an optimist who causes universal sympathy and hope for others. It is important to you not to deprive the surrounding hopes and provide them with their post support.
  • Justice – act rightly towards your subordinate, you can earn them with high authority. Always tell them the truth, in contrast to the bosses.
  • 4 Swords – Now you need to easily forget about your emotions! Give the will a logical mind and think about what is happening. It is best for this will suit the exit on nature, where you will rather get a faithful tip from your subconscious.
  • 8 Cups – gives such a Council to the exaggerating: “You do not need to look for happiness where it is not”, and if more specifically, it advises in no case to give up the service in the army, as only the hectic people do. It will be more correct to overpower yourself and endure, then the situation sooner or later will begin to change for the better.

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