Walnut saved: value, traditions and magical rites

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In August, the Orthodox Church celebrates three “delicious” holidays: honey, apple and nut. They are all confined to harvest, but have both spiritual meaning. So, Apple Savior is a church holiday of transformation, honey saved is a feast of an honest cross, and walnut saved is associated with the worship of the non-propelled image of Christ.

Walnut Savior in 2021 celebrate on August 29.

In the article I will tell you what is the meaning of the holiday, what traditions and customs exist, what conspiracies and rites are spending on this day. My girlfriend has long made a love spell on the nut, and so far they have been living in the soul with her husband. Their relationship is surprisingly strong like a nut.

Meaning of the holiday

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All 3 sisps can be bolded to be called national Christian, because these days, Orthodox Christians spent their own rites that differ from church. So, in honey saved beekeepers brought tribute to the water spirit, and in the apple saved a woman wondered to youth and beauty (molar apples). Also these days, hidden desires are made, and they are certainly executed. The Orthodox Church was not able to fully regional beliefs and traditions, so they are alive to this day.

In church tradition, this day is remembered by the transfer of the Lord of our Jesus Christ from Russia to the Tsargrad of the Husband. At this time, the peasants gathered the crop of nuts and poisoned by grain for the winter. Therefore, saved still called bread. There is one more name for the holiday – canvas or saved on the canvas. This name already has a church meaning and is associated with the memory of the image of Christ captured on canvas.

The legend states that the ruler of Edessa (Syria) suffered from an incurable disease and sent his painter to Palestine to capture the image of Christ. The ruler believed that as soon as she looked at the image, he would immediately receive a deliverance from leprosy, which he suffered. Arriving in Palestine, the artist tried to draw Jesus, but he did not succeed. Christ noticed the efforts of the artist and called him to himself, he also asked to bring a towel and a bowl with water.

Jesus washed with water from the bowl and wiped her face with a towel: his bright face was imprinted on the canvas. The delighted artist returned to the train with a valuable web, and the ruler was able to heal from leprosy with a touch to fabric. In 944, Emperor Konstantin ordered this canvas to Tsargrad.

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The people in the people are traded in the canvas, they begin to collect nuts in the forest and complete the collection of grains in the fields. If until August 29, the grain cleaning is not completed, the crop may be due to weather conditions. The people said that only after the walnut rescue you can eat the fruits of the flavory (forest walnut), as they completely slept. The peasants brought baskets to the church with nuts to consecrate. Hostess baked buns and cakes from fresh flour with nut-filling, which treated their native, neighbors and beggars.

The water was also sanctified on the walnut, and it was considered healing. The priests sanctified wells and natural sources, and people gained consecrated water. The washness of consecrated water was rid of sins and gave health.

What can and what can not be done

In any church holiday, it is necessary to visit the liturgy, to confess and coming up the gifts of Christ. In church holidays, it was necessary to deal with the affairs of charity and help in need: for this, the highest strength was rewarded with a hundredfold.


  • It is impossible to refuse to help in need;
  • It is impossible to scandal and find out the relationship;
  • It is impossible to desire a neighbor, even enemies;
  • You can not engage in dirty homework – cleaning did the day before the holiday.

Also, people believed that the third saved could not go to the forest without guarding from unclean power.

Magic rites

On this day, various magical rites were made to attract well-being and changes in fate. For example, if the fruits have come across when clearing forest nuts, they needed to be left in the wallet with money. People believed that in this way it is possible to attract financial well-being and well-being for the whole year.

On this day, it was supposed to eat at least one hack of a new crop. If he was sweet, he had expects a prosperous and happy year. In the event of a bitter taste of the eating test, the tests were expected, and the rotten nuts foreshadowed trouble. If suddenly there was a unripe of fruit (milk nut), it foreshadowed important news.

Assumption post ended to nuts, so a variety of meat dishes, birds and fish were concerned on the tables. In the center of the hostess table, apples, honey and nuts were set – symbols of three permissions. People believed that it was necessary to start a meal with these major holiday symbols and trying at least much of each of the listed characters. Then the money will flow into the house with a full-flowing river, and the family will not need anything.

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When collecting the harvest nuts, they did not forget to collect and branches of hazel. If the fruits were attributed to the healing force, then the branches of the nuts were used as an overag. From the branches of Masteryli, the cross and placed him over the entrance door: people believed that this charm would protect from unkind thoughts and envy those who came to the house of people. Also from the twigs of Oshness, bath brooms were taken, which strengthened the body and endowed health. In addition to health, brooms from Oshness were considered a reliable protection against the evil eye.

From the ground nuclei of nuts, they made a healing ointment from the diseases of the joints, and the nucleus mixed with honey strengthened men’s potency (it was necessary to eat this drug for a whole month).

At this time, the cities conducted fairs on which various products and the fruits of the Earth were sold. If you buy a cloth on the fair and sew a shirt for children from it, they will not hurt for a whole year. Women sacred believed in this charm and sought to get to the fair to buy a canvas.

Love spell to make someone love you


If, when collecting nuts, the fruit fell on his head, it was considered a good admission – promised good luck and a cash gift.

If the first torn nut is to eat himself, and the second to treat a passerby, it will protect it from the evil eye and damage.

If inside the split nut it turns out to be rotten or empty, then the mandated desire will not come true. If the kernel is ripe and juicy, then the desire will come true.

Also, it was also possible to pay on the handful of nuts: if when a desire is riddled, you do not look into the palm even number of nuts, then the desire will come true. An odd – will not come true.

Conspiracy on dual nut

Sometimes when harvesting, you can find a double or even triple nut. This fetus was considered a natural talisman attracting prospect. However, the talisman could be enhanced by a magical conspiracy:

Let the dual (triple) nuts be a faith,

Bring good luck and threads a lot.

After that, the nuts were taken with her left hand and placed in the place of storage of money or a wallet.

Love spell on nuts

In every church holiday, the peasants were made by magical rites at attracting well-being, and the girls broke into love. On walnut saved, you can make a reliable and strong love spell on love. Cut the walnut and split it into two equal halves. The kernel needs to be eager with the thought of loved.

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Next, you need to write the name of your loved one on a small piece of paper, put in nuts, to tie a slices with a red thread. After that, take the nuts in your hands and read the plot:

After that, go to the house where the beloved lives, and jump out the nuts close to the entrance. It can be done in the evening or early in the morning so that no one saw did not prevent. You need to go to the house with a nutlet, you need to be silently and leave silently: do not look around, do not greet you and not talk to the very threshold of the house. If this condition does not fulfill, the rite does not work.

Equipment of desire

To make a mascot for execution of desire, you need to break walnut exactly two halves and eat the contents. A leaf with a recorded desire is placed in an empty shell, the slices are combined and tightly tied with thread. You need to wear this nut (you can instead of Laneanka) until the desire is fulfilled.

However, it should be borne in mind that if the leaf falls out of the nut, then the desire will not turn. Therefore, it is allowed to glue with glue.

Attracting money for bread

Since the nut saved is also called bread, then you can attract wealth to bread. For this of the flour of the new harvest, bread is pounding and spoken before putting on the table. Conspiracy pronounce three times:

The first slice of bread should eat the one who read the plot.

Treatment of bread

On the day of the walnut Savior Savarkov treated sick kids with freshly baked bread. Mother brought a child and brought baked bread. Savory laid down a hunk and drove the baby’s head. At the same time read a plot:

After that, all the bread was fed to birds or animals.

Another method of treating bread that any mother could do. It was necessary to pour into a three-liter beadon of warm water and read over the water 9 times the prayer of ours. Then the baby was poured into the pelvis and put a piece of bread per hour in the water. After this bread faded the cattle or gave the birds. But it is impossible to give your cattle there is this bread.

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