What dreams of mercury on Miller’s dreams, Dmitry and winter hopes

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As Freud said, than amazing sleep, the deeper and the multifaceted his interpretation. If we see in a dream of ordinary things (let’s say, the details of the life), we do not always look for a dream room to decipher their meaning. But what dreams of a silver substance, to pour that we are afraid of childhood?

General interpretation of this sleep

  • Most often interpreters say: mercury in a dream is a warning. What should happen? Here you will tell you the details of sleep … or real life (after all, it may well be that you are so afraid of something, for example, dismissal, diseases, a brewing quarrel …)
  • If you saw this element in the form of brilliant balls, your subconscious reminds you: you are too stubborn. The hardness of the spirit is, of course, well, but stand up to death in trifles – this is too! Do you suffer from this your relatives?
  • Well, if you have not seen the substance itself, but only looked at the Mendeleev table and among other designations I remember the “code” of this element (HG), it means that you brazenly bravely. Hurry up to “overlapping” this stream of compromising until he hurt your reputation or affairs.

What did you do in a dream?

  • Broke a thermometer. Soon everyone will learn some kind of secret. If you want all “yours” to remain with you, do not hope that unfamiliar people will store secrets. If you want to hide, do it only with a person in which you are confident.
  • We went to mercury. Your life will soon complicate, but it does not scare you. At the moment you feel very optimistic – do not part with such a worldview, and life will become much easier.
  • You collected mercury. The subconscious says: Soon you will have to correct your own errors. And the sooner you start, the better.
  • You did not throw away the commercial mercury? Get ready to spend money on something unexpected.
  • Did you fold the balls in your pocket? At work, you will have to work hard very hard, but for this nothing will be forgotten to pay and do not pay across. If you are already trying to shift problem duties, refuse, while you can, – if you don’t do it, you will regret later.
  • What dreams of mercury, which you keep in your mouth? You are too frivolous, and because of this may suffer the most expensive – your health.
  • Or maybe you also swallow a silver ball? You risk, because of what problems can overcome you.
  • Does anyone from the comrades or relatives pumped in your dream of mercury? Danger hangs precisely above him, and when it gets naked, support this person.
  • Did you hold the silver balls in your hand? Life requires you to harder spirit from you, you must make a decisive step, but internal fears interfere with it.
  • Have you watched a thermometer and noticed how slowly (maybe quickly) climbs up a mercury column? This is a good dream, he promises you secured financial situation.
  • You have not seen mercury, but felt her smell? You are strong jealous, and soon you will have to show this feeling again. Or maybe you already exhausted from the green-eyed monster?
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Where was mercury?

  • In a closed bank. Your subconsciously warns: that you ourselves “sparkled” yourself inside your own Mirka. Do not close all, select at least one close person to whom you can open the soul.
  • In a broken thermometer, and then she left right to your feet. A bad man wants to surround you a web for a flattery. If you know that a person does not consider himself your friend, do not listen to him, skeptically evaluate every word.
  • She spilled. What were your emotions in a dream? If you felt a strong fright, and they also tried to hide from the scene, it is to difficulties. If you did not feel fear, sleep says that you are a brave person and soon you are destined to make something bold.
  • To see mercury on the floor is a warning that you can choose, most likely, some kind of medicine. Or maybe the doctor mistakenly wrote something wrong, and your subconsciousness feels?
  • Mercury rolled into all the angles in the form of small peas? Sleep is a lot of small trouble. Be careful and, maybe you will avoid greater than half of the problems you threatening.
  • Mercury was in the hand of the man you like: you really value your relationship. Did you dream how you rolled a silver ball to each other? Congratulations, you can sincerely envy.
  • She actively evaporated. To see mercury in such a state can people who configured risk. Do not be afraid, but most importantly, do not “turn on” emotions, and then you will be satisfied with the result. If you listen not to the head, but to the heart, work for a long time and almost without profit.
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Decryption from famous interpreters

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We told in detail how much interpreters most interpreters clarify “mercury”. But if you take an old author’s dream book in my hands, mercury in it can be described and in a different … or not? Let’s check together!

Dmitry Dream and Winter Dream

This silver element promises a dream a lot of negative emotions: panic, bustle, problems in the future. And at the same time, the authors warn: if you throw from the angle into the angle and rush in extremes, the problems only increase. Take yourself in your hands (if necessary, buy soothing drops or talk to a psychologist) and solve all problems with a cold head. You will succeed!

Dream Miller

  1. Mercury is a warning about danger or bad changes in your life.
  2. If the dream-lady dreamed that she had fallen in vulsion to mercury and became very poisoned, “we regret, but the sleep of Sulit is loneliness. Maybe it will throw her beloved, and maybe she will have to die with the most close people. Bold, because, as King Solomon said, “and it will also be held.”

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