What dreams of the elevator for dreams of Henry Miller, Sigmund Freud

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For many of us, it is just a routine way to lift onto your floor. Nevertheless, most people in open or secretly are afraid of elevators. What will the dream answer, what is the dream of a trip in this “transport”, for good or not?

General interpretation of this modern sleep

Most of the interpreters are confident: the elevator in a dream is a symbol of your business life. So remember well what happened inside the Iron “box” – all this will concern your career.

Have you just waited for this “piece of iron”?

  • Have you stood in the entrance and caused an elevator? This dream talks about your damnity in real life. Fear of failure, indecision, modesty – what exactly stops you? It’s time to defeat your “monsters”, then it goes!
  • Did you barely press the button like the doors immediately opened? Soon you will begin a new business (it is quite possible, in an unknown “plane”). If you do not be lazy, it will bring a lot of pleasant impressions as well as high income.
  • From who came to your “call” the elevator began to leave people? Starting the case, do not ignore the wise words of knowledgeable colleagues. Older experience can help you.

Have you drove in the elevator?

  • The elevator just flew up: you are destined for a dizzying career.
  • The elevator was driving up, but very slowly: it is also a good sleep. He says: You are stubborn and patient. These qualities will help you to climb the cherished career ladder – slowly, but right.
  • You climbed the floor and entered the room or office: your plans will come true. Moreover, the lighter turned out to be the “destination”, the bolder you can plan and dream.
  • On the contrary, he moved down: you are so passive that they themselves began to guess that it will not lead to anything good. Stop care and laziness, because on your eyes it starts to die all that was built for years!
  • The cabin rushed down the stone: Soon you will get to know a person who will change your life and become a close friend.
  • The elevator stopped in the middle of the road: sleep warns about the danger that threatens you.
  • Your transport broke: Your way will leave somewhere not there. However, in time oriented and rewriting their affairs a little, you will not be left in the acclating.
  • The second interpretation of this sleep: you threaten deception. Maybe you will be sold some kind of poor-quality fake. In general, do not invest money anywhere and do not buy anything expensive!
  • If you are stuck in the elevator alone, it means that at work your career stalled tightly. To climb higher, you need to get out of the comfort zone and start acting – can, sign up for courses, and maybe “Enable” your ability to compete.
  • Are you stuck in a crowded cockpit (or in a company with someone else)? This dream talks about “stop” in relationships. Only you can stop this uncertainty by taking an important decision. Maybe it will be “unpopular”, but it is better than weakened to live in a “suspended” condition.
  • A close, stuffy cabin dreams of people who cannot sigh freely at home and (or) at work. Someone seriously prevents you from living and work – maybe, mother-in-law or mother-in-law, and maybe strict chef. Come up with how to get out of this gulling “wing”, and you can implement all your talents.
  • To see the elevator in which the vandals were visited (it turned out to be dirty, with broken or well-fried buttons), is a bad dream. You are not doing something, and if there is an opportunity to stop and change the generation of activities (or your way), do it until it’s too late.
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Sleep was fantastic?

  • According to the People’s Dream Interpretation, the elevator who listened to your will, says: Success is waiting for you at work. The main thing is not to wait that work will make himself, and put out the maximum!
  • Your elevator took off, and not on the last floor, and above, in heaven? Your life will include positive changes. Do not be afraid of anything new – and unexpected people, and unplanned events will make you happier.

Opinion of famous psychoanalytics

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Both author lived in the 20th century, both studied the human psyche in general and dreams – in particular. Interestingly, the interpretations of these psychologists differ. What will you like more?

Dream Miller

  1. What dreams of an elevator in which you climb up? To wealth and enhance their official position.
  2. And vice versa, descend down with this device means: you will choose from the “Nepru”.
  3. You left the elevator and remembered how he went down sharply: the case, from which you will have time to go out, ends with a sharp failure. Or so: you will bring things to the end, and your email or help help will help you avoid problems.
  4. If the elevator in a dream stopped, your subconsciously warns: Danger is approaching you.
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Dream of Freud.

  1. The elevator is nothing more than the embodiment of a female nature. What do the doors-sash look like? Naturally, the genitals of representatives of the fine sex.
  2. If in a dream you rode in the elevator, sleep says: There are some bed jokes that you do not inform others.
  3. You drove in the cockpit, and here suddenly she stopped because of the breakdown: you are very afraid that your relatives (or colleagues, friends) will know about the novel with a kind of person.
  4. You call the elevator, and he “died”: your novel can break.

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