Truthful silence in time – value by different periods

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Silence in time is one of the interpretations of folk signs. A person sneezes at a certain hour and the day of the week is not by chance – this is a sign, knowing the decoding of which, you can predict the future.

Sneezing in time and day week online

Enter the day of the week and time:

MondayverTherennikShtrevdympyatarSubbotavinasy 00: 00-01.00 01: 00-02.00 02: 00-03.00 03-04-04.00 04: 00-05.00 05: 00-06.00 06: 00-07.00 07: 00-08.00 08: 00-08.00 08: 00- 10.00 10: 00-11.00 11: 00-12.00 12: 00-13.00 13: 00-14.00 14: 00-15.00 15: 00-16.00 16: 00-17.00 17: 00-18.00 18: 00-19.00 19: 00- 20.00 20: 00-21.00 21: 00-22.00 22: 00-23.00 23: 00-00.00

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Detailed sneezing for every day of the week

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Chihelchka for every day of the week and time

As soon as they sneeze, at once look at the clock and remember the time. If there is no possibility to immediately find out the meaning of signs, write on the sheet, and then contact our interpretation.

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  • 00.00-01.00 – Your close girlfriend needs help. Put her friendly shoulder. Reasonable advice, moral support and vest to pay, is that it is now vital.
  • 01.00-02.00 – You should expect a pleasant news that will help solve accumulated questions. Household problems will go to the background, life will play new paints.
  • 02.00-03.00 – look around around. You have a lot of attention to your attention, but for some reason you do not notice him at all and do not allocate among the rest of others.
  • 03.00-04.00 – By the end of this week, your friend will make a step towards you towards and confesses to love. Get ready for beautiful actions, romance, warm gifts and incredible compliments. Fortune on your side.
  • 04.00-05.00 – In professional activities, small difficulties are possible. You worked too much without allowing yourself to rest. To eliminate trouble, take the day off and dedicate it to yourself.
  • 05.00-06.00 – Stop thinking about the past. Stop roar and wind up snot. They got up, blundered and went further with proudly raised head. Remember, the past is no longer returning and not fixed. The future has not come yet. Live hereby.
  • 06.00-07.00 – This is a reaction to dust. Do not look for hidden meaning, secret signs and mystical coincidences. Be healthy!
  • 07.00-08.00 – Isn’t it time to go on a fascinating journey? You are now more than ever need new positive emotions, joyful events and bright moments. Call friends and go along with them hike. Joint pastime will benefit you all.
  • 08.00-09.00 – at work the rank. You are tired, you have no strength to new projects. So no longer continue. You need a vacation. Immediately. Work is not going anywhere, and a couple of free time a couple is able to bring you back to the full and diverse life.
  • 09.00-10.00 – Do not gossip and be a source of rumors behind your colleagues. It does not paint. Switch your attention to solving problems in personal life. Until you have everything smoothly, but there is a chance to correct the situation. All in your hands!
  • 10.00-11.00 – this week will be filled with unforgettable bright moments: attention from the opposite sex representatives, pleasant emotions, flirt. Do not miss your chance to become happy. Let the gentle and trembling feeling in your life.
  • 11.00-12.00 – Beautiful high blond thinks about you. Perhaps he is from your environment, but you used to notice at all at all. Close to the representatives of a strong floor. Maybe next to you is the only and unique.
  • 12.00-13.00 – Soon you will be invited to date. At repent of refuse. This meeting will give you unforgettable emotions and pleasant moments. However, these relationships are no more than a light flirtless without commitment. But in this life stage you yourself are not tuned to a long and serious love alliance.
  • 13.00-14.00 – The one about whom you are thinking now, to you absolutely indifferent. Maybe it’s time to switch your attention to someone else? Do not dwell on unrequited love. Life is too short to spend it on a person who absolutely not appreciates you.
  • 14.00-15.00 – stop talking too much. Now your advice is interested in anyone. Better leave your opinion with yourself.
  • 15.00-16.00 – Unrestrained fun, excellent mood, joyful emotions. Your next day will be filled exclusively by positive. Remember it. There are now very rare for you such days.
  • 16.00-17.00 – You are very lacking for decisiveness and factories. Do not be afraid to act. Stop scrolling the situation in the head, take a step to its implementation. You are now vital.
  • 17.00-18.00 – you entrusted someone else’s secret, and you sneaked it. The act that does not paint you at all. Because of this, many people around you turn away. Make the right conclusions and do not allow yourself to betray and deceive people.
  • 18.00-19.00 – Think, then do. While in your life, the opposite is. Thanks to this, you often find funny and ridiculous situations. It’s time to free yourself from clown’s reputation. Be more responsible and consistent.
  • 19.00-20.00 – You do not get out of the thoughts of the representative of a strong gender, which enters your environment. Do not miss a little hint, which he will do to attract your attention. This person is afraid to admit to you in his feelings, because it is almost confident that you do not answer him reciprocity.
  • 20.00-21.00 – Soon you will be visited by guests that you did not expect to see. Be prepared to meet them. Show hospitality and glad. Then you can go to them with retaliatory visits, not afraid of condemnation and unpleasant conversations.
  • 21.00-22.00 – Ahead is not the most joyful events. Perhaps you will be sad and worry for some time.
  • 22.00-23.00 – Disorders in your love relationships, because none of the partners want to give up to another. You should learn to find a compromise and go to meet your chosen one. Otherwise, you risk losing these relationships. Choosing for you: Try to keep your pair or let everything on a self-shot.
  • 23.00-24.00 – Soon you will see a weak dream. Try to remember all his details to meet this event in real life in fulfillment.


  • 00.00-01.00 Angle kiss with your beloved. You have been waiting for this meeting for so long. Your happiness is not far off. Allow yourself to relax and do not think about the problems and difficulties of this day.
  • 01.00-02.00 – Be prepared for a unpleasant conversation. The arguments of the person close to you will be prolit and true. You may have stopped and disappointed it in something. But there is a good moment: this is your chance to change yourself for the better. Take advantage of them.
  • 02.00-03.00 – A person is constantly thinking about you who is not indifferent to you. Maybe it’s time to unobtrusively hint to him that it is time to move towards active actions. Otherwise, your feelings can overdo it, and you will remain with anything.
  • 03.00-04.00 – You are confessed in love that from which you waited for a long time. This moment is already close. Finally, fate is favorable. You are waiting for a series of joyful and happy events that will give you a charge of positive emotions.
  • 04.00-05.00 – do not trust your secrets to work colleagues. Intrigue walked for your back. Soon you will become a gossip object. Do not take everything close to heart. People will respond a little and stop it, and your nervous cells are not restored.
  • 05.00-06.00 – You are waiting for a meeting with the best friend after a long separation. Do not be afraid to entrust his secrets and ask for advice. This person can be trusted. Your friend is not capable of betrayal and educated actions.
  • 06.00-07.00 – You encountered betrayal or deception. Do not worry. Soon a person will appear in your life, a meeting with which all your previous experiences and losses. Fate will give you a truly your person.
  • 07.00-08.00 – Good luck smiled. Your love feelings are mutual. Soon you liked a person will invite you for a date. Be easy and relaxed. Do not show his feelings immediately. Then you are waiting for a long and beautiful candy bakery period.
  • 08.00-09.00 – You often dream of some attractive blond. You guess who he is. If this person do you like, then you should hint to him that it is time to move towards active actions.
  • 09.00-10.00 – Never betray your dream. Do not be afraid to put far-reaching goals and ambitious plans. With its persistence, hardworking and determination you are able to minimize and achieve the desired result. The main thing is never stop moving.
  • 10.00-11.00 – Your feelings are mutual. Representative of the opposite sex is fascinated by you. Try it to not push it with your excessive stubbornness and factories. Be gentle, sophisticated and sensual. These personal qualities are the key to happy and durable love relationships.
  • 11.00-12.00 – Soon you will laugh a lot, have fun and enjoy life. Let it all otherwise. But you believe it will not always. The sun will take up again. It always comes.
  • 12.00-13.00 – You should learn to listen to other people, without interrupting and not inserting your point of view. Let the advice only when you ask you about it. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions and never impose them.
  • 13.00-14.00 – You are on the threshold of great change in your personal life. Soon you will forget what loneliness is, and you will enjoy sincere and gentle love relationships. You deserve it.
  • 14.00-15.00 – Do not believe everything that others say. Watch and you will see the truth. People said, they say and always speak. Their opinions should not knock you down from the plan. Just only on yourself and for your strength.
  • 15.00-16.00 – You will bring real pleasure Meeting with long-standing friends. You will have a lot of general topics for conversations that will be interesting to everyone.
  • 16.00-17.00 – ahead of you will be waiting for a sally from a person close to you. Be prepared for betrayal, deception or treason.
  • 17.00-18.00 – do not be boring. Do not impose your point of view. Leave the company of people if your presence in it does not notice. Respect and appreciate yourself.
  • 18.00-19.00 – You are mired in your problems. You need shakes. Spend the evening in the company of friends, it will only benefit you. At the weekend, the ideal version of the pastime will be viewed the film, which you wanted to see so long ago, but everyone did not find a convenient case for this.
  • 19.00-20.00 – You are a soul of the company. You like to be the center of attention and receive compliments from the opposite sex representatives. You have a large number of fans. Maybe it’s time to decide and make a choice in favor of serious love relationships?
  • 20.00-21.00 – stop constantly and with foam at the mouth to prove its right point. It is better to keep silent and seem stupid than start talking and dispel all doubts. Your point of view is not interested in. Please accept this time and dedicate your time to improving your personal life.
  • 21.00-22.00 – You are now vital for self-improvement. You have long been stuck in your dull swamp and do not take any attempt to leave it. So it is impossible to live. If you do not raise yourself, then no one will raise you.
  • 22.00-23.00 – You are too proud and arrogant. The surroundings condemn you for such a behavior. Some friends and acquaintances will stop communicating with you. Become easier, and people will stretch to you.
  • 23.00-24.00 – You do not come out of the thoughts of one person close to you. However, for you he is just a friend. You are not experiencing love sympathy. Therefore, try to hint that your serious relationships are impossible with him.
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  • 00.00-01.00 – do it, start walking into a gym or just in the morning do exercises. Your figure is still far from ideal. It’s time to fix it. Act!
  • 01.00-02.00 – You will spend the evening in a circle of a great company. Friends will help you at least forget the accumulated problems and difficulties forget.
  • 02.00-03.00 – If empty in the shower, then the time to change the route. Do not be afraid to change your life. Otherwise, you risks just exist, without experiencing bright emotions and feelings. You are worth more. Constantly remind yourself about it.
  • 03.00-04.00 – throw the accumulated trash not only from the house, but also from the head. Thoughts are material. You will not positively think until you free your brain from negative. Harmony and anger pull you to the bottom.
  • 04.00-05.00 – Soon it is worth expecting joyful news that will answer your accumulated questions. You waited for this event for a very long time.
  • 05.00-06.00 – Ahead of you is waiting for parting with your loved one to you. This relationship was outlined. Do not blame yourself in anything. You have done everything possible to keep love. However, wishes only on your part turned out to be insufficient.
  • 06.00-07.00 – it’s dust! Do not cheat yourself and be healthy!
  • 07.00-08.00 – Soon you will begin to provide a sign of the opposite sex, which you are absolutely not interesting to you. Do not give him ghostly hopes. Try to immediately show your position on this.
  • 08.00-09.00 – Stop pulling all the problems of your relationship with the chosen one. Try to accept the fact that your trembling and tender feelings have cooled. This is no longer love, but the habit. This relationship is needed only to you. Does this situation suit you or the cardinal change time has come?
  • 09.00-10.00 – Do not be afraid to ask for help from loved ones. You can’t cope without them now. You don’t even imagine what kind of responsive and kind people surround you. Take care of them.
  • 10.00-11.00 – There are tears that need to be sprinkled. Now you have a heavy life period, but it will soon end, and you will rejoice at the new day.
  • 11.00-12.00 – Soon you will be waiting for an unexpected increase. Guide to the rather results of your professional activity. Continue in the same spirit. You are a big well done. You can trust even a complex and responsible task.
  • 12.00-13.00 – Significant changes are coming in your personal life. Be ready for them. It will be a joyful event that will bring exceptionally positive emotions.
  • 13.00-14.00 – You have small health problems. Certain with them will help the right nutrition, moderate exercise and healthy sleep. And already refuse, finally, from bad habits and fast food.
  • 14.00-15.00 – Find yourself an interesting lesson who will devote to your free time. Do not think only about work. Otherwise, joyful and fascinating life will be passed by you.
  • 15.00-16.00 – Do not dwell on your problems. Treat them easier, otherwise you will go crazy from accumulated fatigue. Difficulties and difficulties have a property to end. Learn to enjoy even minor positive moments. Then your life will play with bright colors.
  • 16.00-17.00 – Allow yourself to spend the weekend for reading an interesting book. Stay alone, put your thoughts and feelings. Listen to yourself, your body will tell you what he most needs.
  • 17.00-18.00 – soon between you and the representative of the opposite sex runs the spark. But while you do not know this person. Get ready for a meeting with a mysterious stranger. Fate sends you a person with whom you will be happy.
  • 18.00-19.00 – You have no mood to enjoy life. In the soul full disharmony. You do not want to spend time in a circle of friends. To get out of the state of apathy, you need to sign up for any exciting courses or join the circle of interest.
  • 19.00-20.00 – To charge positive emotions, join the movie friends. Changing the situation will help you get unforgettable impressions. Routine affairs and monotony negatively affect your spirit.
  • 20.00-21.00 – Soon you will come up with unforeseen circumstances. However, do not be discouraged. Understand, you can not change anything. What should be, it will happen.
  • 21.00-22.00 – By the end of the week, your cherished desire will be fulfilled. It remains to wait very little. You went to this for so long and put so much effort that they rightfully deserve it.
  • 22.00-23.00 – The object of your rehabils will soon pay attention to you. However, as soon as love relationships crize with him, you will almost immediately lose interest to him and switch attention to someone else.
  • 23.00-24.00 – You constantly think about your sweetheart. Your day begins with thoughts about him, the same ends. This is not your person, soon fate will make a real gift.


  • 00.00-01.00 – Jealousy – poor quality character. Do more trust your loved ones. They do not plan to deceive or betray you. They are not capable of educational actions.
  • 01.00-02.00 – Good wonders. Thug hand help to the needy person. Having supported it once, you will find a loyal and reliable friend, the invaluable help of which will help you out from complex situations more than once.
  • 02.00-03.00 – loyalty – an expensive gift that should not be expected from dishonest people. Near you there is a person who cannot be reached into a difficult life period. He needs exclusively material benefit from you.
  • 03.00-04.00 – Miracles happen. It is only worth believe in it. If you strive for your dream, put a clear goal for its implementation and to achieve it, all the universe will help you. Good luck and success on your side.
  • 04.00-05.00 – you need a clear and concrete life goal. Now you do not live, but only exist. The meaning of your life is constant thoughts about the past that burn you from the inside. It’s time for ambitious plans and change.
  • 05.00-06.00 – You are a permanent guest of thoughts of one very attractive representative of the opposite sex. He is looking for a meeting with you and just dreams to meet.
  • 06.00-07.00 – Trust your heart and intuition. They will not let you down. When you be in front of a complex choice, your inner voice will tell the correct decision.
  • 07.00-08.00 – do not miss your chance. Direct all your positive energy to achieve a specific goal. Do not waste yourself on fleeting meetings and intrigues. In pursuit of ghostly happiness, you risk losing something really important.
  • 08.00-09.00 – If the city is not the same, decide and move away. Something you dressed in one place. You must let go of the situation and with your head to plunge into a new, bright, saturated life with joyful moments.
  • 09.00-10.00 – At work you are waiting for small trouble. You treated the leadership too negligently. This will affect not only your reputation, but also on the nearest premium.
  • 10.00-11.00 – it’s time to do what you want. Do not think about what people will think. People do not build your life. Take the courage and put the point in patients. This is not the person who is prepared by the fate.
  • 11.00-12.00 – Enough suffer because of unrequited love. Representative of the opposite sex is absolutely parallel to your gentle and tremendous feelings. Stop watching it and constantly call. He only laughs over you.
  • 12.00-13.00 – You often dream of your good friend. He has long been indifferent to you, but still hesitates to take the first step. However, due to the betrayal, with whom you encountered in past terms, while you are not ready for a serious union.
  • 13.00-14.00 – Gently hint at your ill-wishers that gossip about you is ugly. However, do not take everything on your own expense. You just have a lot around you envy.
  • 14.00-15.00 – Be healthy! This is a reaction to dust. Nothing more this chih means.
  • 15.00-16.00 – You have a calm and smooth life. Without significant takelets and falls. However, this monotony very soon will be bored. Take a girlfriend and go to a fantastic adventure. Who knows, maybe it is there you will meet your destiny and acquire real happiness.
  • 16.00-17.00 – The black strip of your life has been delayed. You do not see any exit. Before you deadlock. Do not think that everything is lost. Life is yours. And it is you decide what it will be. Wear be happy – you will.
  • 17.00-18.00 – Remember that the pain is part of growth. Having survived the loss, put the bitterness of the defeat, you will more appreciate what you have in the present. Do not go to yourself, do not dwell on your problems. Everything will definitely improve, and you will again enjoy life.
  • 18.00-19.00 – Soon you will visit an unexpected guest. However, you have been waiting for this meeting for so long, which is already in doubt, and whether it is possible at all. Try to learn emotions and do not give out your feelings ahead of time.
  • 19.00-20.00 – Your girlfriend prevents achieving the target. She is very jealous and tries to insert sticks into the wheels. Carefully look at your surrounding. Soon you will understand who pretend to be poor lamb. Stay from such a person away.
  • 20.00-21.00 – Tears are waiting for you from unrequited love. The opposite sex representative will choose another companion. Find the strength to overcome this difficult life stage. Soon your laughter will replace all experiences and sadness.
  • 21.00-22.00 – You are waiting for a serious conversation. Be prepared for the fact that you will be made claims. Try not to switch to individuals, and in a calm and friendly tone, allow this situation.
  • 22.00-23.00 – Soon it is worth expecting an unexpected pleasant gift from the fan. This mark of attention will be made anonymously. However, the representative of the opposite floor has long already has views on you and trying to become noticeable for you. Maybe he is the one who you waited for so long?
  • 23.00-24.00 – All your thoughts occupy one person. You constantly think about him, they began to sleep badly at night, you died with an appetite. So no longer continue. Take the courage and admit to him in your feelings. He should not refuse you.
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  • 00.00-01.00 – Read the book. It’s not for long distinguish you from sad and sad thoughts. But soon you will notice that they are already tired of suffering and worry. You will have the forces to live full life.
  • 01.00-02.00 – You looked at one person. He is the only one in the universe. However, he does not allocate you among the rest. Keep respect for yourself. Stop to impose and try to make new acquaintances.
  • 02.00-03.00 – Soon you are waiting for an incredible luck. Fate prepares you a very valuable gift. You should not look at the closed door for a long time. I am experiencing and constantly thinking about past relationships, you risk do not notice how the door to a new diverse life opens.
  • 03.00-04.00 – do not copy the resentment. If you have enemies and ill-wishers, wish them happiness and good luck and stop thinking about them. Who sends evil, it returns to that. Life will fix everything, wait a bit. Everything will be the way you want.
  • 04.00-05.00 – Think about you with round days, one is unfulfilled to you. If you need help, it should only be informed about it. Know, you will not stay alone with your misfortune and misfortune.
  • 05.00-06.00 – Life is a mad stream. Events follow one after another. But all your thoughts are directed into the past. You for some reason are digging in it. Trying to understand what would happen if you did otherwise. Stop doing this. Live hereby, and not past insults and injustice.
  • 06.00-07.00 – At that moment an attractive representative of the opposite sex thinks about you. Perhaps this is the same brunette that does not come from your head in any way? Very soon you will learn about what is not even guessing about.
  • 07.00-08.00 – Soon you will have a quarrel with a close person to you. You will tell each other a lot of offensive and unnecessary words, for which you will later be very shameful. Think about your behavior. Don’t you allow yourself?
  • 08.00-09.00 – Your dream is destined to be fulfilled in the very near future. Be prepared for a meeting with your happiness. After long experiences, problems and difficulties, fate decided to make an incredible gift.
  • 09.00-10.00 – Very soon, your life will be like a fairy tale: romantic evenings, dates under the moon, unhurried walks for the handle with your loved one. You deserve it. However, it is not necessary to jump into a love outer with your head, do not tell all your secrets and secrets of the beloved.
  • 10.00-11.00 – Representative of the opposite sex, which allows himself mockery to your address, has long been not indifferent to you. He is afraid to be rejected, so trying to drown out his feelings. If this proud representative of a strong sex is not indifferent to you, hints slightly about it. Response steps in your direction will not wait long to wait.
  • 11.00-12.00 – everyone gets deserving. Do not deceive, do not betray close people. Otherwise, you will remain in complete loneliness. However, this outcome of the events does not suit you at all.
  • 12.00-13.00 – someone tries to manipulate your feelings and emotions. This can not be allowed. Look around. Your intuition will tell me, from which person you should stay away.
  • 13.00-14.00 – Be consistent in your plans. To achieve the goal, you need clear and correct actions. Chaos in thoughts will not lead to anything good.
  • 14.00-15.00 – Spend the evening in the company of your loved one. Speak His compliments, ask how his day has passed, what are his future plans. Prepare dinner together, lit candles, turn on beautiful music. Joint pastime will have a positive effect on your relationship.
  • 15.00-16.00 – Smile passersby. Let you always have a good mood. After all, someone will definitely fall in love with your sincere and radiant smile.
  • 16.00-17.00 – Your happiness is very close. However, you absolutely do not notice it. You only have to stretch your hand, and everything will be resolved the best way.
  • 17.00-18.00 – Soon a person who often comes in your dreams will invite you for a date. You will hear a lot of beautiful compliments to your address, you will swim in your attention and care. Happiness is near.
  • 18.00-19.00 – There is a separation from your loved one to you. You are already very worried and suffer. Should not be doing that. On the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to check your relationship with strength.
  • 19.00-20.00 – You think that some representative of the opposite sex is constantly thinking about you. However, this is not so. This person is absolutely indifferent to you. He has no thoughts to worry about your inner state and health.
  • 20.00-21.00 – the most real miracle will happen in your life soon. You will again enjoy life. You will stop sad by past relationships and find a place in the heart for new happy moments and meetings. Everything will be worth it only to wait.
  • 21.00-22.00 – You will receive an unexpected note. The meaning of this message is still a mystery. Just do not turn the events. Show patience, which is subsequently rewarded with joyful news.
  • 22.00-23.00 – Do not apply makeup so bright. Basic rule when choosing cosmetics: natural colors, no allergies and good quality. Do not dilute with false eyelashes and hair. You do not go.
  • 23.00-24.00 – Do not gossip about your friends and acquaintances. This is absolutely not painting. If you do not change your behavior, many others come from from you, who initially treated you with respect.


  • 00.00-01.00 – You are waiting for an unexpected success in professional activities. It can be a well-completed complex project, praise bosses or promotion over a career ladder.
  • 01.00-02.00 – Ahead is a large quarrel with close people, after which you will not communicate with them for a long time. Do not bend a stick. In pursuit of their rightness, you can lose a friendly shoulder and moral support.
  • 02.00-03.00 – Your secret fan is constantly thinking about you. In turn, you think about another person. Your feelings are not mutual, the relationship you want are unpromising. Try to switch your attention to some kind of passion or hobby.
  • 03.00-04.00 – You will receive an unexpected message in which there will be answers to many disturbing questions. Soon the complex life stage will remain in the past.
  • 04.00-05.00 – You attract the attention of many representatives of the opposite sex, but do not rush to choose the only one. Flirting and building eyes to all the surrounding cavaliers, you can unsubscribe from yourself.
  • 05.00-06.00 – Soon in your life there will be an amazing event that will open your eyes on the surrounding people and show their attitude towards you. After that, with someone close to you stop all communication. Someone will become your religious shoulder, which will be reached in all complex life situations.
  • 06.00-07.00 is just a reaction to dust. No other values โ€‹โ€‹of this chimney for you carries.
  • 07.00-08.00 – You will be joy and happiness in your life. You will forget about material problems. Your days will be filled with bright moments and unforgettable emotions. Appreciate what you have.
  • 08.00-09.00 – Excellent news will tell you a random acquaintance. After this meeting, you look at the protracted problems on the other side and, finally, will understand for yourself that everything is solved. This is just a matter of time.
  • 09.00-10.00 – No one has canceled the boomeranga rule. Is going to make an ugly or dime, think several times, weigh everything for and against.
  • 10.00-11.00 – Wait for meetings with expensive hearts by guests. Warm quiet evenings, held together, hot tea and long sincere talk. You are waiting for a surprisingly pleasant pastime. Do not forget to be welcoming and friendly.
  • 11.00-12.00 – because of your excessive chatty you are expected to have problems with colleagues. Speak smaller and listen more. Operate only verified and accurate information. And no rumors and gossip. The reputation of the main intrigue and the instigator to you for anything.
  • 12.00-13.00 – the one who you constantly think, in love with you for a long time. But because of natural modesty, he is afraid to admit to you in his feelings. If you have courage and make the first step, the opposite sex representative will answer you.
  • 13.00-14.00 – You are worried and suffer from the unworthy person. He will not appreciate it. He is indifferent to your depressed psychological state and your sincere feelings. Try to close the door for it in your heart.
  • 14.00-15.00 – tell me “yes” natural beauty and natural makeup. The radiant smile and glowing eyes are your main weapon for the heart of the opposite sex. Your chosen one has negatively applies to extensive nails, overhead hair and overly bright makeup.
  • 15.00-16.00 – an event will happen in your life that turns all your ideas about love. Now you suffer in vain in your lover. He is not worth it. But good luck on your side. It’s not long to wait.
  • 16.00-17.00 – Spend a day off in a family circle. Listen to everyone’s problems and try to provide full assistance to eliminate them. Your loved ones need your participation.
  • 17.00-18.00 – not Rubi bitch, on which you sit. Do not make parents in relation to loved ones. Wanting to get material benefits, do not cross the face of pervolored.
  • 18.00-19.00 – A happy event will soon knock your door. You have long been waiting for this moment, worked hard and believed in the best. Soon everything desired will come true.
  • 19.00-20.00 – You will soon dream of a person who constantly thinks about you. He dreams of tie with you tender and stray relationships, but does not know how to make the first step towards the wayward and proud person. If you like it, show sensitivity and softness towards it.
  • 20.00-21.00 – You urgently need to find a passion. Do not sit idle and do not disappear on the Internet. An interesting hobby is what you need to paint the daily life with bright colors.
  • 21.00-22.00 – wait for the invitation to date. Your fan has not decided to tell you about your sympathy for a long time, but now I am ready to take the first step. Do not move it with excessive pressure and its pride.
  • 22.00-23.00 – You looked at the past, which prevents you from living in real life. Your soul hurts, you do not see the exit from the current situation. Remember to cope with problems and get out of the depressive state, you need to do at least to do something. Visit the noisy party, you are waiting for an interesting acquaintance there.
  • 23.00-24.00 – Problems in your personal life, choose you from the habitual track. The choice is always yours: either lean tears and suffer, or solve them.
  What dreams of Freud and Miller dreaming cookies


  • 00.00-01.00 – Soon there will be an unpleasant event, to cope with which you will not be able to you alone. Contact your close friend. Reasonable advice, she will tell you how to find a way out of the current situation.
  • 01.00-02.00 – the one you love very much, preferred to you another. However, all his thoughts are engaged only by you. But this is not your person. Betrayed once and the second. It is not worth it to forgive a plunder.
  • 02.00-03.00 – Your stubbornness does not know borders. Be easier, and people will reach out for you. Do not think that your opinion is the only right. If you do not reconsider your behavior, you will remain proud and self-confident, but in complete loneliness.
  • 03.00-04.00 – You constantly dream attractive brunette. In real life, he does not drive your eyes off you. But you are experiencing love feelings completely to another person. You have some blondes on your mind. Maybe you should look close to those who surround you and understand, come to each other or not.
  • 04.00-05.00 – Never stop at half the way when the intended purpose is reached. Use all the features and ways to implement it. Otherwise, your dreams will remain dreams. And you will regret the lost chance.
  • 05.00-06.00 – unexpected news or pleasant news. You will receive a letter that will tell you the right path. Remember all your problems are solved. The main thing is never to despair and do not give up.
  • 06.00-07.00 – good news. Your feelings are mutual. But there is one problem: neither you nor your beloved due to excessive modesty and shyness can not take the first step towards each other.
  • 07.00-08.00 – You dream of your beloved. But he does not experience sincere and gentle feelings. You make yourself hope that you have a chance to build a strong and durable couple with him. However, it is not.
  • 08.00-09.00 – Reaction to dust and nothing more. Be healthy and do not get sick.
  • 09.00-10.00 – You will face problems that were very afraid. However, with the help of your personal qualities, you will easily overcome all obstacles and obstacles that will fall on your life path.
  • 10.00-11.00 – Your feelings are dominated over the mind. Take yourself in your hands and do not be too emotional when solving the foolish questions. All your actions should be well and carefully thought out. All solutions must be weighed and accepted on a cold head.
  • 11.00-12.00 – Your close friend is looking for a convenient opportunity to substitute you. Be careful and careful. Do not hurry to share your planned plans and hidden desires. Your openness and gullibility can play a joke with you.
  • 12.00-13.00 – You are on the path of graceful change in professional activities. You have long thought about changing the work, but did not decide. Do not be afraid. If your labor activity does not bring satisfaction, then it’s not worth lingering on it. Soon the heart will tell you your vocation.
  • 13.00-14.00 – You are waiting for an interesting and fascinating event on which an unforgettable acquaintance will happen. You will meet a person who love with all his heart. He will answer you reciprocity.
  • 14.00-15.00 – You are mired in squabbles and gossip. Do you really like this life? Stop weave intrigue. Take yourself by self-improvement and self-development. It is much more interesting than to follow the surrounding and gloating.
  • 15.00-16.00 – Far friend thinks about you, waiting for letters or news. When you first make it possible, write to him a message or take your vacation and go to visit. You will meet very hospitably and friendly.
  • 16.00-17.00 – An interesting meeting awaits you, which will bring a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, one loneliness. If you are invited to visit, be sure to agree. The charge of positive emotions is now vital.
  • 17.00-18.00 – on your life path is planned a protracted conflict with your loved one in the spirit. Refrain from barbed and unpleasant statements in someone else’s address. Show condescension and patience to other shortcomings and weaknesses.
  • 18.00-19.00 – Soon you will be long and stubbornly argued with the representative of the opposite sex, without even suspecting that it is not indifferent to you for a long time. Do not prove your point of view with foam from foam, otherwise you will lose a truly your person.
  • 19.00-20.00 – you are trying to control the surrounding, imposing your point of view. Give them a clear rebuff. Tell everyone that it is impossible to do so. You and only you are the owner of your destiny.
  • 20.00-21.00 – Soon you will catch a luck for the tail. You will be accompanied by success in all areas of activity. You will find peace and long-awaited happiness. It remains to wait very little.
  • 21.00-22.00 – Your opinion is very important to your close one. Therefore, be correct and careful in your statements. Do not let the emotions and feelings take the top over your mind.
  • 22.00-23.00 – Do not fall in spirit. The unsuccessful life period will soon remain in the past. Only occasionally will resemble a small scar on the problems and difficulties. Enter conscience, then you will not be ashamed of your actions. Happiness and long-awaited fateful meeting is already close.
  • 23.00-24.00 – Who is the tears of Lil, he is sincerely laugh. This is about you. Discover all the burdens and injustice, you will find true happiness. Your life will be rich and interesting.

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The people have a lot of admission associated with sneezing. Here is some of them:

  1. If a pregnant girl sneezed in your presence, you will also get pregnant too. You can specifically ask her to sneeze if you dream about a child.
  2. Very favorable sign – sneeze the bride before the wedding ceremony. Note reads: marriage will be extremely happy and successful. And if a cat sneezes next to newlyweds, in the family will always reign material well-being.
  3. If you sneeze in the bath, wait for a big profit.
  4. If they sneeze twice, leaving the house, the day will be successful if three times – wait for troubles.
  5. If you wanted to sneeze, but could not, then you have a secret fan that hesitates to admit to his feelings.
  6. Sneeze at lunch? You will find a pleasant acquaintance with a pretty and interesting person, with which in the future there will be close and trusting relationships.
  7. If two people sneezed at the same time, they will be happy.

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