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Magic and witchcraft is a change in the course of events by the power of intent. Magic is inherent in all living things to one degree or another. You can observe how the boa hypnotizes your victim before the attack, he literally fascinates her strength of his intention and deprives the ability to move.

Pets can read the thoughts of the owner and understand it even without words. What to talk about man! Consider the question: how to learn to conjure yourself? What is needed to master the art of magic?

Man and the world

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  • Man and the world

    Before proceeding with the lessons of magic, it is necessary to realize that a person is an integral part of nature. From an esoteric point of view, the human body consists of five major elements – air, water, fire and earth. Warned these elements of the Spirit. The spirit of man is fundamental, and it is he who plays an important role in the formation of a magical intention.

    All magical actions are carried out with the help of natural forces. Mages in their witchcraft use the power of fire, water, land and air. For example, to remove the negative, the magician can turn to the ability of water to rinse information or contact the salt – so that it absorbs information. Thus, the forces of the elements perform the intention created by the magician (operator).

    Only the spirit of man can form the intention. Element and energy forces perform the magician team, as they are subordinate to his spirit. The magician can change the weather conditions – cause rain, drought – the power of its intention. Why is it possible? Because in magic spells, the magician is not addressed to the physical component of fire, but to its spiritual essence.

    Magic thinking

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    How to learn to conjure this? For this you need to have thinking of the magician. What is it lies? In spiritualization of all objects. A person must see in the form of the manifestation of consciousness in order to be able to negotiate or subjugate the surrounding space. You can agree on the outside world only on the spiritual level – to transfer information from your spirit the spirit of natural forces or animals. Shamans work closely with the spirits of nature and animals.

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    To be able to show your will and approve it over the will of natural spirits, it is necessary to strengthen it. In addition to strengthening their own will, you need to have an unshakable faith in the ability to change the picture of the world through your intentions. Doubts about magic – mines of slow motion. Also, the magician must have developed imagination, because he must first imagine a non-existent picture of the world.

    The next component of a successful witchcraft is a mystery. The planning of changes should be stored in the strictest mystery, unless the joint rite of several magicians is carried out. Why do you need to store a secret? Because the information separated with someone loses part of its strength. Do not share information about rituals with anyone to preserve its strength.

    So, we have 4 fundamental witchcraft bases:

    • will (power);
    • imagination;
    • faith in their strength;
    • Saving secrets.

    These 4 bases are called a pyramid of witchcraft, or a witch pyramid. If you have no developed imagination, you will not be able to plan a new situation. If the will is not developed, you will not be able to implement your witch project by attracting natural forces. If you do not believe in the possibility of changing the world, you will not help the imagination and will. And if you all be talking about the planning of the magic rite, you are confrienting the power of witchcraft.

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    Magic assistants

    In addition to finding the qualities of the real magician, a person must enlist the support of spiritual forces – Egregors. If the magician decided to work with the forces of the elements, he must establish relationships with each of the four elements. If the magician decided to work with religious egregor, he must accept the conditions of this egregor and not to break them. In Russia, many sorcerers worked and work with Christian Egregor, they are called signs.

    The characteristics appeal to holy asparats, angels and archangels, the Mother of God and Jesus Christ for help. So that the Christian Egregor responded to the request of the sign, he must sincerely believe in the help of saints and be a bright person in everyday life. There are also servants of dark egregor – demonic. This movement is based on the burning of Christian shrines, and they are very dangerous to do!

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    To become a magician, you need to decide on the direction and enlist the support of the magical forces and assistants.

    Many magicians choose interaction with the egregor of their native gods, seek the patronage of Veles, Makosh and other forces. The choice should be based on the inner sensations. Recently, the distribution of Runic magic based on the northern tradition was distributed.

    Whatever you choose, you need to move in the selected direction and closely interact with the forces. This implies the glorification of deities, offering and gifts, as well as following the principles of the chosen path.

    Development of personal power

    Among the magical art there are people who use domestic resources of force – psychics. The gift of extrasensory perception can develop each, but it requires the cost of effort and time. Many people see on TV that psychics and bioenergettes are treated and removed with negative hands. How to learn to conjure your hands at the present? To do this, you need to work long and stubbornly. Psychics are able to direct the energy of their own body to certain objects and produce changes in them.

    To become an extrasension or bioenergy, you also need to educate the will, strengthen faith in your strength and develop imagination. What is the difference between psychics from the magician? In the fact that it uses its own energy resources to change the surrounding space. Psychic is able to spend resources and fill them out of space. This is different from the cosmoenergy, which interacts with the energy channels of the Universe.

    It should be emphasized that psychic is part of the art of magic and mastering its own energy – the necessary skill of the magician of any direction. To sense energy changes in space produced by witchcraft, you must first sense them within yourself. With that, everything begins.

    Of course, at first, you can do without this skill, but with practice you are aware of the need for a subtle extrasensory perception – the ability to see at a distance, feel at a distance, perceive information with its subtle bodies. Many beginner magicians scan space with the help of cards, pendulum, crystal ball or runes. This is also one of the options for collecting information, but you need to be able to read information from a subtle plan through developed intuition or clairvoyance.

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    Arsenal Maga

    So, summarize – where to master the art of magic begins. Start your way in magic should be through:

    • Development of will, imagination and faith in the ability to change the world;
    • Training in the art of predictive technician – cards, pendulum, runes, crystal ball;
    • development of own natural forces – psychic, bioenergy;
    • Contact with spiritual forces – Egregors of religion, elements, nature.

    You need to move immediately in several directions, that is, we gradually develop all the listed qualities. It is very important to develop and feel their delicate bodies – essential, astral (feelings) and mental (thinking). This can be achieved by meditation and energy practices.

    Is it possible to start to conjure immediately, for example, how to put money? If you have a connection with religious egregor, you can make a rite for money with the call of the forces of this egregor. For example, in Hindu Egregore for money and welfare, Ganesh, Kuber and Lakshmi answers. Mantra singing these deities in a specific scheme helps to resolve the issue with money.

    You can find money and without circulation to the forces, if you have the nature of the developed imagination, through meditation. During meditations, a person should brightly represent the necessary picture, for example, money rain. If this fails, only one way remains – the appeal to the forces of Egregore.

    In no case should not be asked for help for dark egremors and gods. The uninitiated person will get a powerful reverse blow for his actions. To keep a connection with dark forces, you need to go through the appropriate dedication and give yourself to the power of these forces. It is better not to do this.

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