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Many people consider conspiracies and spells the same, similar. However, magic spells differ from conspiracies and prayers. In the article, consider the question of the main differences in conspiracies, spells and prayers. We will also consider the conditions under which spells will work on the example of spell of success and happiness.

Differences of spells from conspiracies and prayers

The magical conspiracy is a program to realize the target written in poetic form with the use of associations and poetic images. Conspiracy may be short and long, but it always presents a description of the goal achievement process. For example, these words may come:

As a pike fish can not live without water, so my money would not live without me.

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In conspiracies, one event with another is often compared:

How fast water is washes steep shores, so it mocks with the slave of God, all the trims and conspiracles.

An old conspiracy is sometimes similar to a small fairy tale, in which various characters take part: Water Ulyana, Zarya Mareman, Cat Baun, Pike Fish, etc. In modern conspiractions, these characters are not found, but the style has been preserved – allegories, associations with or a description of how the forces must fulfill the intention of the magician.

Spells never describe the progress of intent – in them the magician gives a direct indication of the final result. This order forces to make certain changes. The spell can be called a domestic curse “so that you so that and that”. Spells are not compiled in a poetic or fabulous associative form, it is rather dry verbal formula in an order tone.

Prayer is different from conspiracies and spells asking for something. In prayers there is no descriptive nature of the changes or an order – who spills the gods or spirits to fulfill his request with humility and respect for the highest forces.

Spell is always a forced formula facing spirits or forces. This is the order of the commander, to disobey which the strength is not right. In the modern magical art of the spell acquired the form of affirmations aimed at achieving a specific purpose. All affirmations are drawn up in imperative inclination and do not allow an alternative version of the execution:

  1. Money love me and come when I need.
  2. I am filled with love for peace, the world responds to me.
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Consider what is the secret of a successful spell, how to make a little witchcraft correctly. For this you need to know the three secrets.

Secrets of successful spell

First, spells will work only in those who believe in their strength and effectiveness. This is a general rule of applying magical formulas: faith in result, unshakable and indestructible. Secondly, the spells will work with the fulfillment of certain requirements. Consider them.

Three success keys:

  1. appropriate mood, energy accumulation;
  2. amended state of consciousness;
  3. Sending spell at the address – Squeezed.

Energy – fuel for magical work. The lack of energy will affect the result of the most adversely, so it is necessary to accumulate in advance. For destructive spells, negative energy is needed, for creative – positive.

For example, for a black spell of destroying the enemy, the magician must deny himself in the most needed for a long time, and during the torment – to curse the enemy. Here is the injection of negative mental energy, enhanced by physical torment. We will not consider this question in detail: we do not need a book of black magic spells, we will better turn to creation.

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The first key is the corresponding attitude

Suppose you need to fulfill a desire by spell. Preparation can last day or three days: it depends on how fast you can achieve the necessary state of the spirit. And this condition should be similar to the sensation of a person on the top of bliss or a minute of glory. How to achieve it and why do you need it?

It is necessary in order for the spell to work 100%. How to achieve? Start indulging yourself and do not deny yourself. You must feel that all your desires come true! Peel into this feeling to the bone’s brain. How can this be achieved? For example, there is a tricky move: before opening the door, tell me – “I want the door to open!” Or before a cup of tea, tell me – “I want to drink tea. My desire comes true! “

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In the days of preparation for the spell, it is necessary to indulge yourself as far as possible – to eat delicious food, rest and relax. Allow yourself what they could not afford on ordinary days. The pleasures that you get for these days of bliss will become your magic force for the realization of the conceived. When you reach the desired mental condition, proceed to the spell rite.

The second key is the changed state of consciousness

There are three ways to utter spells:

  1. confident commander’s voice;
  2. hissing snake voice;
  3. An intrauterine pronunciation is the voice of the abdomen.

For our case, the first option is suitable. Only the sound of your voice should be more triumphant than team, as if you play the anthem. Practice in advance.

Before creating a rite of spell of success or execution of desire, you must enter the modified state of consciousness. What does this mean and what is necessary?

The altered state of consciousness must be before each magical action: otherwise you will not be able to create anything. Changed consciousness is shutdown from the outside world for a short time. It can be achieved by entering a certain image, for example, the image of Merlin or good floral fairies. Just imagine that you are a fairy and fly from a flower on a flower.

Next you need to completely disable the internal dialogue. What it is? This is a constant processing of information and impressions in the head. Internal dialogue – a hindrance for creating a new situation in life. To turn it off, imagine a little on top of a shiny star and think only about it. Having identified yourself with a star, feel its flickering light, tune in to her wave – you and the star became one whole.

In fact, ways to tune in to the magic and turn off the internal dialogue set. You can choose the most acceptable.

Now the queue came to read the spell. At this point you can like the actor on the stage, something like this is visible in this. It also enters the image and is also in the changed state of consciousness temporarily. To better enter the appropriate image, put on clothes suitable for the situation: it is impossible to create magic spells in the usual home coat!

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So, having prepared for the reading spell, read the following words with a solemn voice:

The text of the spell is not necessary to teach by heart, but with the stuffing it is not allowed to read it. Explore all the words in advance so that your speech is smooth and confident.

Third key – spell release

Newbies in magic allow one rough mistake – cannot part with their intention, expressed in conspiracy or spell. They begin to worry and worry: when will my desire go? It is impossible to do this – the spell must be released, that is, just forget about him! While you think about him, it is in your energy field and cannot be realized. Forget about him, as if you did not hold any rite.

Little secret of success

White magic spells and conspiracies are based on the mental strength of the magician, so it must be accumulated and saved. Many magicians simply silent before holding a rite, trying to contact as far as possible with the surrounding people. The secret is simple – communication takes psychic energy. And if this communication was unpleasant, then the triple is torn. Try not to talk at all or speak briefly and in the case.

Do not report anyone about what you are going to create a spell, – lose all magic power and good luck. And after the rite, do not report anyone that you spent it. Magic is a sacrament, it should work without witnesses. It is best to hold a ritual at night when there is a silence and everyone sleeps or at dawn. Compliance with these rules will help you realize your intention.

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