Spell on the execution of desire – 5 rites

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Spells are used when you need to exercise a secret desire. The spell is different from prayer, because we do not ask and do not beg. The spell differs from the conspiracy because it contains a direct indication of the desired. Spell on the execution of desire can contain and threatening the forces if they do not fulfill the assisted. Consider five spell options to realize the goal.

Sunday Ritual

This spell needs to be pronounced at any Sunday of the month, but not more than three times a year. Your magic will be fulfilled in the event that you put the entire soul in spell and it will be vital for you. In other cases, this ritual is not recommended.

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So, on Sunday day, the table is offered with a white tablecloth or a white pure web. Take a shower, ventilate the room, put on clean clothes, burn a candle of red. Imagine that you are standing on the edge of the universe and express spaces for spaces in front of you. Somewhere there is the reason for the Universe – the Creator. Contact it!

The words of the spell are not necessary to teach by heart, but with the text you need to read well in advance so that you do not come down and your words sounded convincing. The wording of the desire also write to the text of the spell so that it always sound the same.

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Exactly at 3 o’clock at the table at the table, concentrate on the flame of the candle and calm all your thoughts. In this moment you should not worry domestic problems, throw them away from the head. Imagine that in front of you the source of all things and clearly say three times:

After that, leave the candle to get to go, at this time you can do your affairs. It is advisable to eliminate contacts with outsiders on this day so that the power of the word and thoughts do not lose.

Angels spell

This spell fits believing people. To spend a ritual, you need to believe in the existence of angels and that they fulfill our requests and desires. Day – Sunday. It is best to start the ritual after visiting the morning liturgy in the church, but you can read the arch of Sunday Prayers and at home before the iconostasis.

The room must be prepared: Move the order, remove the extra things in the closet, fool the room incense and burn church candles. You must prepare yourself to the ritual of the call of Angels – take a shower, put on clean clothes.

Cover the table with a white cloth or linen, light church candles in front of icons. Fill a blissful state, read the prayer. When your soul come back into balance, and the thoughts calm down, read the spell thrice. It is not necessary to memorize – can be read on the record.

After reading spells state your desire. Briefly and clearly. You have to represent yourself is a desire in the final result and to be exactly sure that it is vitally important. Otherwise, the request will not be executed.

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knot spell

This ritual works with your intention, which is to be clearly stated. Performed the rite of every day of the growing moon, but it is better to start in the first two or three days to get to the full moon all 9 knots were untied.

So, buy a thick rope from natural fibers – strings, one-color braid. 9 Cut the cord length of 10 cm in a loud voice his wish and start to tie knots:. You tie the ends of the cords with each other to get the ring. Tying knots, saying:

Now grab the rope, swing them over his head and say, confident voice:

Begin to speak with a loud voice, gradually diminishing the volume until you are whispering. Then put the cables into the cabinet. Every morning unleash one node, repeating his wish. After 9 days, it must be fulfilled.

Spell Latin

This ceremony is held in the full moon days, when the sky is visible full moon. The text should learn by heart, because you need to look at is not a piece of paper with writing, and the moon. On the night of the full moon go outside or on the balcony is easily visible lunar disk. Looking at the night light, solemnly tell 7 times:

After this, say aloud their desire and worship the moon. Usually within a month wishes come true if they were real. After the implementation of the conceived not forget to thank the moon for help, because you have no time to handle it!

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Spell with branches

For this spell you need the 3 branches of different bushes and trees: viburnum, raspberries and rose hips. It does not matter whether the leaves on them – a ritual can be carried out in the winter. Bring home branches and start the rite. It should be done on any day of the growing moon before sunset.

Cover the table with a clean cloth, put the icon of Jesus Christ, light a candle in front of her and put sprigs. Read prayers, until your soul is filled with goodness and gratitude for the salvation of souls. The room must be tidied up in advance, ventilated and fumigated with incense to drive out evil spirits and his impure thoughts that dwell therein.

You should be hoping clean clothes, hair under the church handkerchief. Read the spell of a quiet, but confident voice 3 times. You can read on a piece of paper.

When you read the spell, tell us our desire aloud. After that, remove the twig on the road and leave there. Return home silently, read 9 times the prayer “Our Father”. Try to do not talk with anyone on this day, only in the case. In general, on the day of the magical rituals, it is necessary to limit communication to a minimum – it will save energy. The next day, after the fulfillment of the desire, put a letter of thanks to the Savior in the church.

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